Multi-Asset FXFund

Key Highlights

    • Long term investment with low risk based on mitigated risk management
    • There are no fees to open or close an account.
    • 27% Management Fee is a One-Time Fee on investment start. (No-Term Pool)
    • 15% Management Fee is a One-Time Fee on investment start. (Mid-Term Pool 6 month blocked deposit)
    • 3% Management Fee is a One-Time Fee on investment start. (Long-Term Pool 12 month blocked deposit)
    • Clients retain full access to the investment account
    • Weekly deposit and withdrawal possibility
    • USD or EUR Multi-Asset Forex Fund available

Strategy Description

Our fund is split into 3 parts, which are High-Frequency/Short-term trading, Mid-term swing trading and longterm investment banking solutions (collateral pool).

We apply the following HFS/Short-term techniques:

  • Short, fast breakouts of Forex pairs with average and above-average volatility.
  • News trading, based upon short and fast breakouts.
  • Market breakouts, we trade these fluctuations that may arise by changes or additions of further trading venues, e.g. London open (opening of the London stock exchange) or New York open (opening of the New York stock exchange). We try to deal with these smaller and larger moves that come into existence because of the opening of the exchanges, we do this by trading them inside a well-defined channel.
  • Pivot Plays: these are the movements from the day's pivot point to the resistors S1-S2 or R1 and R2 as well as back to the origin.

We apply the following Mid-term techniques:

  • Position and swing trading based on Elliot-Wave Theory.
  • Discretionary trading based on calssical chart-techniques.
  • Short to Mid-term trading based on the Target-Trend Method

We apply the following Long-term strategy:

  • The Collateral Assets will be transferred into a risk-mitigated structured financial solution that will provide Collateral Providers a new source of regular income flows, and provide the Collateral Supplier a collateral pool that can be leveraged to provide critical mass of trading capital that will secure cash flows to finance its range of corporate, project and trade finance transaction pipeline. The supplier mobilizes the latent value of the underlying assets, creates trading credit lines against the collateral placed within the Collateral Pool structure, which generate revenue flows for Collateral Providers.
  • The trading credit lines are then traded in a risk mitigated investment strategy with a yield objective of 40% per annum achieved within the Collateral Pool.
  • The trading credit lines are managed and traded by an International Fund Management and Trading Company with exceptional historic performance and with a total of 3.9 billion US-$ fund under management. The Fund Management Company is BVI Financial Services Commission approved and the trading credit lines are held in HSBC and Barclays depository banks in London.
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Fund Manager

The fund is managed by FX NextGen, whereas several independent trading companies are focusing on the high-frequency and short term part and FX NextGen on mid-term trading and longterm arrangments and investment banking solutions. Both the Trading department of Fx NextGen and the trading companies have more than 10 years of experience on the financial market (trading of different assets) and 5 years of experience in Asset Management.

Fund Terms

Minimum Investment

Base Currency

100 USD


Management Fee

Performance Fee



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Lucrativeoptx Ltd




Georgia, Tbilisi, Old Tbilisi District, Krtsanisi str, II lane, N15, building N3, floor 4, flat 42

Fact Sheet

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